13 diciembre 2013

Now they have us where they wanted us

  When the effects of the crisis (which we call fraud, theft, looting) are more heartbreaking: hungry children, families losing their homes, sick people who don´t get tested to save costs etc; the economic and political powers have managed to round up their agendas of social control: Now they have us where they wanted us.
  On the one hand, the Tax Agency has been dismantled, leaving the Large Taxpayer Unit in allied hands and dismissing, as with the tax inspector of the Cemex case, who dared to impose a fine on the multinational.
On the other hand, the public is dismantled and privatized: health, education and now security.
A tripled and perverse effect is thus created:
  •   On one side, the inequalities between the meager elite politicians, bankers and businessmen impoverishing the rest are greater, many of whom were members of what was known as middle class and even upper middle.
  •    And secondly, civil and social rights are restricted. An authoritarian program is being followed, but a message that they have clearly lost is being sent to society. Do not attempt anything against the oligarchy, because they can´t even hold the basic rights won (abortion, free legal aid, health, education).
  •    Last but not least, a business is generated. Once the budgets are looted, there are intentions to take over infrastructures or "create needs" by destroying public competitors that was being supplied. They buy politicians to make decisions and then are rewarded with "super jobs" in a company, thanks to the famous system of "revolving door": an administration advisor today, tomorrow an advisor for the company he/she benefited as administration

  And to cover all this up, they need a smokescreen, a smokescreen so big it will cover up the colossal crime committed. Behold, they say, fortunately we have the Catalan topic. That's perfect. It arouses passions, bitter and simplistic debates, it wins accessions for parties of the right and it is controllable like a puppet.
  The old socialists, communists and anarchists knew that nationalism (not the people) was a valuable tool of the bourgeoisie to divide the working class, so it was radically incompatible with the left. To cite just a classic: Eric Hobsbawm. Not to add that the nation state is an invention that has become as obsolete as the oil lamp. Now the bourgeoisie are the four who hold the reins of it all, the working class, others, doesn´t matter what kind of tie we wear.
  On the eve of staging the "confrontation", called the train crash by some journalists, the "independents" of CiU and "Spanish nationalists" of PP, with the help of other Basques "nationalist” from PNV, voted together and scrambled, the new citizen security law that allows private security officers to perform police functions, and therefore have a guaranteed private police to whom they can pay. Coincidence? The same three parties had voted together other restrictive rights laws.
  Months before Rajoy y Mas secretly gathered in Madrid to plan a strategy. Here it is. We will spend a year of furious and sterile debate about Catalonia and "their right to choose". An issue, which will be resolved in a way that everyone will be happy. The cutbacks in rights and thefts will take a back seat. Their Millet, their Barcenas, their Alperis, their Gürtel, their Pallerols, their Pujol, their Employment ajustments, their Blesa, their Matas, their Urdangarines and etc., etc., etc., while they pluck us like a chicken and take everything that belongs to us all. Those who dare to rebel, will pay the price.
Train wreck? But they are all traveling in the same boat, all in first class, eating expensive cured ham and drinking French champagne. We are their galley. Another thing is that a flag is put in front of us so we can´t see or for us to charge, whatever is more convenient.

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Translation by Amanda Perri

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  1. "while they pluck us like a chicken and take everything that belongs to us all. Those who dare to rebel, will pay the price." I can not understand what it's happening in Spain.

  2. But I doubt an independent Catalonia would be free of oligarchs. People striving for independence must surely be aware that the same elite always rise to the top


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