12 enero 2014

Sir Alfred.

  He adorns this blog, inspires it and is the patron saint. But (upps!), I still haven´t dedicated him a line. It was not due to ingratitude. So much has been written on Hitchcock that I did not feel like paying tribute to him with an entry that seemed copied from Wikipedia or the style of the great experts in movies like, the Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro ("yes ... I love movies, I would go when I was a child to the double session, ate sweets without Tax etc ").

 With your permission, I will save you of the phrases of one of the great directors of the seventh Art blah, blah, blah, his blond actresses blah, blah, blah, the magician of suspense blah, blah, blah, I assume you know that part of the chatter and will get to the main part.

   The Independent has published the restoration of a documentary about the Nazi Holocaust edited by Hitchcock and it remained almost entirely unpublished. The material was shot in 1945 by the Film Unit of the British Army. Not surprisingly, the filmmaker was affected by the images of the victims of the Nazi atrocities and that still shrinks the heart of anyone.

   This film enriches the work and biography of the creator of an extraordinarily complex personality. It is curious that for years he was considered just a good manufacturer of entertainment films. A filmmaker who, as it has been stressed over and over again, only received, despite being the creator of masterpieces, an honorary Oscar.

  Personally I always loved Hitchcock films, but three "experiences", to use a fashionable term, made me appreciate them even more. The first is a fun book full of some interesting reflections spiced up with some lies of the filmmaker, making it even more suggestive. The second was a conference at the Master of Cinema at the University of Valladolid and the third cannot be told without offending your modesty, my lovable and idle reader.

  The book I´m talking about is a collection of interviews that Francois Truffaut had with ​​the British filmmaker. In Spain it was published under the title "The cinema defined by Hitchcock," but there seems to be a later edition called "Hitchcock/Truffaut". They think Sir Alfred is not completely honest about the anecdotes he tells nor on the keys that masks his films. But they reveal the tricks he wants to make public, like a retired thief who tells curious people how to open safes, keeping out some secrets of their profession. This book describes in detail his famous and funny idea McGuffin, so beloved in his political version by manipulators.

  The second "experience" as I mentioned was a conference. It was given by Professor Jesús González Requena. He made an approach from the point of view of psychoanalysis of the filmography of the true Fat Man. They say that Freud told Dali that he had no interest in the subconscious of his works, but what he did knowingly. The same thing happened to me. Maybe for the teacher the multitude of keys that Hitchcock leaves in his films (birds, anachronistic horse carts) could have a psychological interpretation. With all due respect to the master, I interpreted the secrets that the teacher was revealing more as the story of a thief who plays with the police leaving hidden clues that must be interpreted, like unconscious products of a boiling mind. For me, his films were like his McGuffin.

  Time is demonstrating that his films are still entertaining, intriguing, sophisticated and fun. The relentless time, this however, destroys some director’s filmography, that aren´t old enough to enter a retirement home. It´s true that the tricks in his films to 2014 know it all viewers, may seem too obvious, perhaps naive. This detail, however, I do not think that makes them unworthy. On the contrary, with this artificial detail stylized sometimes claims an artist.

I'm going to see "North by Northwest", which is my favorite. My debt has been paid.

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Translation by Amanda Perri

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  1. English..... thank you. So easy to read without the translator and a subject reminding me of childhood memories. Nessa.

  2. Just as I struggled through the Spanish version I saw it was in English also... Thanks for considering your English speaking followers.

  3. Thanks for this blog, I had just about given up following you, not because of the language I can use a translator for that. The political content was not of interest to me but I like your style of writing and humour. I hope you will blog more of a generic content. Timothy

  4. Great.! I saw the link in The New Yorker. North by Northwest is also my favourite.

  5. English language thanks Mr Gordo, kinda neat to read it and understand it all. Psycho for me always. Taking a shower is a dangerous occupation !!

  6. I am a new follower of your Blog and am greatful for the English language Sir.

  7. Grenville Johnson22 de enero de 2014, 0:03

    Hello, along with the other comments above, thank you for the English language blog. I will return for more.

  8. You linked to this in the Guardian. When other people do this, their blogs are usually mediocre disappointments. It makes their free publicity from other web-pages irritating, but I'm glad I looked this up. It was rewarding, and worthy of your publicity efforts.

    (google translate):

    Usted vinculado a esto en el Guardian. Cuando otras personas hacen esto , sus blogs suelen ser mediocres decepciones . Hace que su publicidad libre de otras páginas web irritantes , pero me alegro de haber mirado esto. Fue gratificante y digna de sus esfuerzos de publicidad .


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